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Peerless, Riveting, And Irrepressible – That’s Olori Ivie Emiko Atuwatse III



Olori Ivie Emiko

Like fin to fishes, the appendage ‘queen of the hearts’, has come to stick to Her Royal Highness, Ivie Uhunoma Emiko (nee Okunbo). Her life has been a gracious ride to greatness. Born into riches, Olori Ivie is a rare gift to the palace of His Royal Highness Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko, the 21st Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III.

Raised among the pantheon and with superfluous experience of all the appurtenances wealth and influence, Olori Ivie grew up with uncommon resolve to live like the common- impacting lives positively with poise and turning the cameras away from her good.

Daughter of the late Nigerian magnate, Capt. Idahosa Wells Okunbo, Olori Ivie is the president of RIG Africa, a Christian ministry impacting lives spiritually and along the line of material needs long before her husband ascended the throne. An elephant never breeds a dwarf. Her father’s philanthropy and humanitarian deeds signposted Olori Ivie’s pedigree and magnanimity. Dad’s own ‘Iye’, Olori Ivie has become the mother to a nation of people just as the stars had foretold.

Olori Ivie Emiko

Peerless, Riveting, And Irrepressible – That’s Olori Ivie Emiko Atuwatse III

She’s proud to have inherited more than riches: a good name, which she referenced in the earliest tribute to her father when he passed on last year. Like her husband, Olori Atuwatse III is a devout Christian, passionate and expressive about her relationship with God.

In sync with her husband’s mandate and resolve, she recently launched the WUWU ORE Initiative, ‘Uran ran w ani ale Iwere’ which means light comes into Iwere land in a bid to improve lives and healthcare services to the people of Delta State, particularly the elderly, women and children.

The initiative is geared towards providing palliative care, advanced medical checks, treatments, and medical screening powered by the Olu of Warri Kingdom, Ogiame Atuwatse III, and supported by private and government stakeholders interested in the wellbeing of the Deltans. At the last count, no fewer than 500 people have benefited from a free medical outreach she organized. She desires to touch Deltans in ways never been done before. Olori Atuwatse III said, “The idea is to reach out to those who have no access to medical care and promote good health among the people in the kingdom.”

Peerless, Riveting, And Irrepressible – That’s Olori Ivie Emiko Atuwatse III

He added, “My desire is to bring quality healthcare to the people with the vision of making healthcare more readily accessible to all indigenes in our community.” The highlight of the outreach included medical checks and treatment, palliative care, malaria screening, blood glucose screening, urine analysis, and retroviral screening, among others. Part of her dream as the queen is to ensure that every child in the Niger Delta can see their value ahead of time, embrace their uniqueness, and reach their full potential early enough in life. She’d also gone further to disclose the plan of the palace to bequeath an enduring educational legacy in the kingdom.

At the launch of Human Capital Africa (HCA), the maverick queen stated this as a guest speaker at an accountability and advocacy initiative spearheaded by Nigeria’s former Minister of Education and World Bank VP of the African region Obiageli Ezekwesili. She exudes seamless confidence and inspires with all her strength. Recently, she took words of encouragement to the attendees of the Women on the Winning Edge Conference 2022, a female development project hosted by Funke Felix-Adejumo and organized with a focus on Education, Celebrating Womanhood, and Inspiring the female gender.

She was also hosted to a special private reception by the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, at the Presidential Villa in Accra, alongside His Majesty, the Olu of Warri, while on holiday in Ghana. Since she became the venerable Olori Atuwatse III of Warri Kingdom, she has braved all odds to be a shining light for many charitable and worthy ventures for women and their plights.

These efforts and more earn her accolades as the ‘Dame of Philanthropy’, especially with an uncommon humility and desire for the development of fellow humans, which account for why she’s not only queen of the palace but Queen of the Hearts. She got applause for championing a free medical healthcare initiative among riverine communities in Warri; that has yet to wane. And she’s off to other selfless labor for the good of mankind.

But in all of her grace and poise, Olori Ivie does not suffer fools gladly.

She puts in the round hole the round pegs no matter whose ox is gored. She’s bent on the lifelong principle of fairness, which she’d admitted is one of the nicest inheritances from her treasured dad. Unlike many of her social stature, with Olori Ivie, it’s no airs, no pretences. Her close allies often attest to how much disgust she feels about flaunting vanity and gatherings of persons known to discuss inanities.

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Thunderous Applause as Oando Boss, Jubril Adewale Tinubu, Laurelled




Mr. Wale Tinubu

Serial  entrepreneur and Group Chief Executive of Oando Group, Jubril Adewale Tinubu, CON, has earned a name for himself with his visionary contributions to Africa’s oil and gas space. 

As a top player in the energy and business space, cutting deals comes easy to a genial billionaire businessman. 

The Lagos State-born businessman is an embodiment of numerous virtues: diligence, excellence and integrity. That his workaholic disposition has taken him to places where kings wine and queens dine is a testament to his growing influence and resultant affluence. 

A force to be reckoned with in Nigeria’s economic sector, his entrepreneurial exploits readily qualifies him as one of the most audacious moguls Nigeria can boast of. The exceptional achiever grabbed life by the lapel and got transformed from a lowly beginning to an enviable status filled with accomplishments.

Since he founded Oando, Tinubu  and his team have worked and are still working organically on their vision to make Oando a top-of-the-mind brand. He has altered the equation in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy through innovation, experience and quality corporate culture.

Of course, doing business in Nigeria is not for cowards and the lily-livered. To succeed, entrepreneurs must imbibe the will and capacity to always be aware and take measures to protect their business from corporate blackmail by some competitors who wish to see rivals go down or rubbish their credit rating or public image.

Over the years, the trained lawyer has successfully battled this, triumphed and led his  ‘baby project’  into becoming a premium energy company that is being mentioned among the best in the international oil and gas market.

His profile has continuously been on the rise, not because he loves cheap publicity, but for his leadership qualities, brilliance and mastery, all of which have combined to endear him to newshounds as well as many across the continent of Africa.

Obviously, the man shies away from the klieg lights, preferring to silently grow his business.

To him winning awards is no longer a once-in-a-while thing. His boundless and borderless entrepreneurial skill has ensured that it is an all-the-time thing. For this, and more, Tinubu ticks all the boxes and tops the list in any award considerations by the media and other organisations. At the moment, his shelf overflows with awards and honours trophies.

Again, the man fondly called King of Africa’s oil  teed off the year with the coveted Private Sector of the Year at the Vanguard Personality of the Year awards. The event was held last  Friday 27th January, 2023 at the prestigious Eko Hotel, Lagos.  The brilliant businessman was  laurelled among other world class business magnates, governors and top government functionaries.

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Power Couple, Wale, Bola Tinubu reinvigorate Love




Wale and Bola Tinubu

In their own right , oil tycoon, Jubril Adewale Tinubu, and his lovely wife, Bola,can aptly be described as one of favourite celebrity power couples around. 
Though they are not always in your face, they are both famous, accomplished and happy. 
In particular, Bola, the darling wife to thr super-rich dude, Wale, has proven to all that money doesn’t always change you. 
In other words, unlike some of her fellow billionaires’ wives who live flamboyantly , she lives a fairly quiet life and is rarely seen at most high society parties. 
But her breathtaking philanthropic gestures have continued to impact several lives. 
Interestingly, on the last Christmas Day, the adorable couple marked their wedding anniversary, amidst torrents of  messages from friends and family members.

Although the couple hardly publicises their private affairs, a reliable source disclosed that the Tinubus used the occasion to reassure themselves that they would not renege on their marriage vows.
A successful corporate lawyer with a tight schedule, Bola is reputed to juggle between running her home, attending to her hubby’s needs as well as those of their five lovely children.
Unknown to many, while the oil and gas top player continues to offer scholarships to students in tertiary institutions across the country,  his wife also finds joy in defending sexually abused children  in Nigeria.
 In her quest to realise her dream, Bola , who also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economic and Social Studies from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, has undertaken training in the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and the Counselling of victims, as well as Child Protection.

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Billionaire Businessman, Ifeanyi Ubah’s Wondrous Donation





No doubt, Ifeanyi Ubah, Chairman, Capital Oil, is generous to a fault.   This top player in the nation’s oil and gas sector also has a large heart. Besides, he is unapologetically committed to the uplift of his community, while also helping the course of humanity.

The billionaire is fasting becoming one of the biggest philanthropists from the South East part of Nigeria has the milk of kindness running in his veins.

As proof of his fellow-feeling, the Senator representing Anambra South senatorial district in the National Assembly,  has  just made a wondrous donation of N500million to Anambra State, to support the fight against insecurity.

Ubah made the pledge during a visit to the state Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, at the Government House last Tuesday evening in Awka, the state capital.

The senator, however, made specifications on how the money would be spent.

Anambra State had for over a year been under the tight grip of criminals, who kidnap, kill and steal from residents until lately, when Soludo fought back.

Ubah in a statement signed by his Head of Media and Strategic Communications, Mr. Kamen Chuks Ogbonna, also explained how the funds would be used.

The senator was quoted as telling the governor that: “It takes a secure environment to sustain infrastructural development.

“I will complement your efforts with a series of interventions aimed at curbing capital flight from the zone and restore confidence in our people to return home and help in developing our economy.”

Stating how the funds would be spent, Ubah said N200million would be spent on the training of security personnel and provision of latest security communication gadgets for Anambra South vigilante groups.

He added that N300million would be for the provision of solar lights to further illuminate and strengthen the security architecture in Anambra South senatorial district.

The senator said the promise would all be implemented in the next three months.


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