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Birthed from about 20 years of active Journalism in Reporting, Editing and Editorial Production across several Media Organizations, Crystal is a News Site that brings in the little extra that makes all the difference.

With a passion for Celebrity Reporting, Crystal presents to the public objective and unbiased reports in an elevated yet clear language to capture the mind of readers- keeping them enlightened and informed.

At the very core of our existence is truth and objectivity, bringing to fore both highlights and essentials of the stories around issues within and around the environment with particular attention to the influential in a bid to ultimately building a better society. Here we report happenings around key players across various sectors and industries, and how their interactions with their various niches affects or will affect the overall operating space and by extension the society at large.

Having honesty, integrity and Professionalism as core values, our commitment remains to carry out our duty with courage in the face of an ever dynamic and challenging Operating Environment, thereby practicing journalism at its very best.

Vision Statement: Our mission is to practice journalism at its best and
to report without fear or favour.

Values: Honesty, Integrity and professionalism.