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Bola Tinubu Launches New Book, Bisi is the  Boss





Bola Tinubu Launches new Book, Bisi is the  Boss


Mrs. Bola Tinubu,  a seasoned Corporate lawyer with 25 years in practice and Children’s right advocate who founded Nigeria’s first free child helpline Friday 27, 2022 launched her

new children’s book, Bisi is The Boss. The book provides an interesting take on child sexual education through an interactive and exciting storyline packed with fun trivia, colourful characters and valuable lessons.

In a society that has an alarming rate of Child Sexual Violence, the book raises important issues on Child Abuse and how best to handle it and protect children from sexual predators. It also provides parents with a fun yet educative way to navigate delicate topics regarding private body parts, establishing boundaries and speaking up in the case of abuse.

Being a highly invested advocate for Children’s right and a mother, Mrs.  Tinubu established the Cece Yara Non-profit organisation in 2016 armed with a multi-disciplinary team of counsellors, social workers, child advocates, lawyers and forensic interviewers to prevent child sexual abuse and to provide access to care, information, protection and emergency intervention for children who have experienced sexual abuse or who are at risk.

“Bisi Is The Boss is a book about child safety and protection. It empowers children and their care givers by teaching children about how to recognize boundaries, how to react, who their trusted adults are, and how to get help. Empowering children is a great step towards breaking the cycle of child sexual abuse, and my aim is to get this book into the hands of every Nigerian child no matter what their circumstances are.” She added.

Bisi Is The Boss amounts to an all-encompassing read not only simplifying the difficult subject of abuse but also providing a bonding platform between guardians and the children in their care.

The storyline follows Bisi, a well-informed little girl who teaches young children through this important book how to identify inappropriate behaviour  and create body boundaries.

The Author is also a  Chartered Director, a Chartered Governance Professional, and a Chartered Secretary. She is also a Fellow of The Chartered Governance Institute, U.K., and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, U.K. Some of her achievements include being a Mother, One of BBC 100 inspiring and Influential women in 2018 and was named as one of Nigeria’s 100 most inspiring women in 2019 by Leading Ladies Africa in 2019.


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Omobola Ashabi Foundation Hosts fundraising Event for  Poor Students, Vulnerable Women, Widows




The Omobola Ashabi Foundation with the aim and mission to ‘Give A Child  Future’  has announced a fundraising event for an initiative targeted at breaking the cycle of poverty by helping children and women in marginalised communities  to have access  to quality education and training towards the possibility of a better life.

The foundation, put together by popular educationist and trained schoolteacher, Dame Mrs. Omobola Ashabi, was inspired by the need to advance quality and sustainable education for children, and empowerment for vulnerable women and widows in need. With education and personal growth with keen interest in women empowerment.

 It is also  committed to setting up a sustainable plan to bridge the gap of poverty and provide access to quality education for children and women who require the support to scale in their businesses.

The fundraising event for the Omobola Ashabi Foundation is scheduled to hold on Monday, May 16, 2022, at Holy Cross Schools, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State. The event will coincide with the 66th birthday celebration of Dame Mrs. Omobola Ashabi who has devoted more than three decades of her existence to advancing child education, imparting knowledge, and promoting sustainable support to enable growth for women focused initiatives.

Commenting on the development, the promoter of the Foundation, Solape Akinpelu said: “Presently, over 30% of Nigerian children do not advance beyond primary education due to factors such as  poverty, insurgency, insufficient funding in the education sector, cultural barriers, among others. With more than 10.5 million Nigerian children out of school, it is pertinent to have an initiative that helps scale up quality, affordable education for child, vulnerable women, and widows to build the next generation of human capital and place them at the center of an inclusive global economic recovery.”

“The foundation is also committed in helping to support child education and provide sustainable support for vulnerable women in low and middle-income homes, providing them with adequate support for non-formal education, technical and vocational training in addition to set-up funds for women,” she added.

The Omobola Ashabi Foundation is a non-governmental organization committed to the advancement of education for children, and empowerment for vulnerable women and widows through school sponsorship, seed funding and training programs, particularly in Ogun State.


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Oando’s boss, Wale Tinubu’s  gratitude for Mothers




A mother’s love is priceless.
A mother’s love is unconditional and never-ending.

It is always there to fill our hearts when we need it. We owe our mothers a lot in life and it is never in doubt that we cannot fully repay them for their love.

A child’s indebtedness to a mother for her unending and unselfish sacrifice is simply eternal.

They are always dedicated to make sure their children grow with joy and great health.

No doubt this may be one of the reasons Mother’s Day was established in 1914 to celebrate and honour mothers for their eternal love for their children.

As Mother’s Day is celebrated today across the world, Oando  Group Chief Executive, Jubril Adewale Tinubu joins other people in the world to show gratitude to mothers.

The oil guru took to social media to pen a beautiful and powerful  message.
He wrote:
‘To those who loved us even before they saw us, knew us before we were self-aware, saw our potential even when we were feeble, and laid the foundations so we could realise our ambitions, without you there would be no us’.
Happy Mother’s Day.
Also, Oando PLC also went poetic with powerful message in its Twitter handle:
A mother’s love is coloured cotton.
A million tiny threads woven with care.
Patterns and fabrics as bright and soft as her  smile.
Warming cold nights, shielding tiny eyes from the sun’s blistering  stare.
For all that  you are and do, thank you.
Happy  Mothers Day.


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When Ex-Enugu Commissioner, Hon. Rita Mbah, Shone Bright Like a star





Her name would not make the list of top society ladies in Nigeria. However, It is not due to lack of the requisite qualities to be so described,  she does not court cheap publicity, as Rita  Mbah,  three times  Enugu  State Commissioner    comes across as a powerful inspiration to many in Enugu State  where she has continued to dazzle all.

This lady of substance  is one of the few ones among her peers blessed with remarkable brain, beauty and confidence.

During the administration of former governor  Sullivan Chime,  Obi,  who was then a special assistant,  earned the respect of many given her diligence and uprightness.

This,  it was gathered,  paved the way for her appointment in the  Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi Although her appointment as commissioner had been greeted with condemnation by some of her traducers, she  was able to  wormed her way into the hearts of many in the state  as a result of her  invaluable  contributions to the  state.

Perhaps,  this also  explains why she was  said to have gotten the ears of the  state   governor until she left in 2019.

However, since she left the government she has continued to shine and remained relevant in the scheme of things in the state and beyond.  She has proven that she was born  to shine; and wouldn’t  let anyone steals her  light.

In all her humane deeds she does her things without expecting any reward from anyone.

Therefore, when she founded the Keepinghopeabreast Initiative and decided to offer free screening of 1,000 women annually for breast cancer, little did she  know that some people had opened a dossier of sorts on her.

It, therefore, came as a pleasant surprise to the beautiful CEO of Modern Diagnostic Centre, Enugu when an organisation in faraway United Arab Emirates contacted and nominated her for an  award.

She thought it was a  joke initially when the organisers requested her profile.

It was gathered that the organisers had been most impressed with her intimidating profile.

Specifically, on March 12, 2022, the intelligent woman shone bright  like the star that  she is when she  joined other prominent  women who have shattered the glass ceilings to receive awards in Dubai.

An obviously elated  Mbah, in her remarks on the occasion, said: “So ,when I  decided to screen 1,000 women annually free for breast cancer, little did I  know that an organisation in faraway United Arab Emirates would stumble on my Keepinghopeabreast initiative.

“Yes, they did and nominated me for this prestigious award. I was indeed honoured and humbled when they requested  my profile and were convinced after going through my political journey as a woman that I deserved this award. I thank God for his blessing upon my life.

The internationally recognised awards organised by the Ladies in Business Magazine Global  took place  at the Double Tree By Hilton in Dubai.

It aims to recognize and appreciate ladies and women in business all over the world who have risen above their struggles and  are now successful in their capacities.

It is also to encourage them to do more and achieve more.


The recognition did not come as a surprise  to many who are aware of the antecedent of the brainy woman who has succeeded in all her endeavours in the past.

Mbah,  a  graduate of  Micro-Biology from the  Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Akwa,  obtained an Associate in Medical Laboratory Science (A.M.L.S) from the Federal College of Veterinary & Medical Laboratory Sciences NVRI, Vom Plateau State was first a former Special Adviser on Intergovernmental Affairs and Multilateral Partnerships and then a  former Commissioner for Special Duties  to Governor Sullivan Chime; a former Secretary , Enugu Movement for Goodluck Jonathan 2015; a former Secretary , Gburugburu Campaign Organisation 2015; a former Commissioner for Special Duties to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi , 2015 and  a former Commissioner for Culture and Tourism  in 2017.

She also served as a member of the Enugu State  Economic Advisory Committee  alongside top and respected personalities such as the former Deputy Senate President , Ike Ekweremadu and the  Founder of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing, Innocent Chukwuma.

Apart from her enviable political positions , she is the Chief Executive Officer of Modern Diagnostic Centre Enugu  as well as CEO, Holiday Lights ( Commercial Christmas  décor company).

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