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Flying-like An Eagle! Sijibomi Ogunbomi, Spreads Across The Continent



Sujimoto Boss

It takes a master vision to create a masterpiece. For the luxury estate expert, Sijibomi Ogundele, creating a masterpiece has never been a problem.

In his seven years of operations, the boss of Sujimoto Construction, has dwarfed many of his counterparts, as he has changed the narratives in the nation’s real estate sector.

Yet, he has not stopped dreaming! He  continues to fly higher to the chagrin of many.

Just as he has been making fortunes from the real estate company, Sijibomi, who is also a lawyer, is unrelenting and on his way to becoming the richest property merchant  in the country.

A few years ago, Ogundele  had envisioned  the possibility of establishing the real estate firm that would be a household name in the country.

So, when the opportunity presented itself, he grabbed it with both arms. At the time when most of his mates did not know how to navigate the labyrinthine ways to reach their goals in life, Ogundele had already planned his future in his head.

His is that of a grass-to-grace story;  it was a  bumpy journey to success. How? In the beginning, those who were ignorant of his ambition and plans were said to have  condemned him with their actions and inactions.

But he was unperturbed because he had a clear vision of what he wanted to do in life. With great zest and determination, he reached for the moon, knowing that if his grasp missed its cusp, his hands might  land on the stars. And his hands did land  on the stars!

The undisputed Luxury real estate maestro and developer of the iconic Giuliano building and the much-talked about LucreziaBySujimoto tower in Banana Island, is slowly becoming the Dangote of his generation. The under 40 entrepreneur who emerged from Agege to becoming the a businessman that is rubbing shoulders with other high flying businessmen and  a name to reckon with when it comes to luxury real estate in Nigeria.

Today, the expert  has shot himself beyond the shores of this country as one of the crème of Nigeria’s league of extraordinary entrepreneurs.
His success, despite all odds, is attributable to his unbending belief that hard work pays.

Indeed, his seemingly fairy tale may not come as a surprise to those close to him because he has over the years shown evidence of a man who is well versed in the art of making money ; and like a true cognoscenti , he knows when to throw the dice and even reinvent in a shaky business environment.

The business environment  has become his  playground where he has continued to find relevance and expression.

Restless but blessed with the brains of a genius, Ogundele’s personal life story further demonstrates the peculiarities of a maverick who stands apart and alone.

Today, the brilliant businessman is  reportedly recording  high turnover,  while he is also expanding his coast, as the luxury real estate, which he started a few years ago, is now expanding its operations to Johannesburg in South Africa as well as Dubai in UAE, Egypt  with plans to cover more international cities subsequently.
With over $400 million dollars company valuation, followed by the company’s diversification into other relevant businesses; the tenacity, passion and unwavering vision of the Group Managing Director, has positioned him as the next Dangote of his generation.
His vision is to grow his investment to the tune of  $100 billion in the next ten years.

In line with this vision, he flew out of the country to hold meetings with  some world-class businessmen around the continent last week, rubbing minds with plans to spread across the continent.
It is said that his success story is a lesson to many , especially youngsters whom are ready to take business tutorial from him.

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The World Celebrates Quintessential Architect, Princess Fifi Ejindu at 60





Princess Fifi Ejindu

Unarguably, Fifi Ejindu is living up to the description of her name, Offiong, which means Full Moon. In her six decades of existence, the quintessential woman illuminates during a time of heightened emotions and adds brilliant colours to the lives of many in need.

First, as a wife, her husband cannot wish for a better lover, soul mate and ‘gist’ mate. As a mother, the sophisticated and elegant woman is sweet and wonderful, like her middle name, Ekanem, which means ‘Sweet Mother’. This is seen in the way she raised her children. But her biological children are not only the beneficiaries of her motherly care. Anyone who has crossed paths with her will easily testify to her tenderness.

Even in her business, her profile is continually on the rise. Her competitors easily agree that she is blessed with the proverbial Midas touch!

Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that the princess’ life epitomises a tenacity of purpose. Her ability as a strategist and winner has never been in doubt. Every move she makes, either in her business or private life, has never escaped the attention of newshounds; she is a delight to professional journalists and biographers.

A well-loved woman by members of her immediate environment, Ejindu is acknowledged as one of the few successful individuals who see the need to give back to society as a priority.

The light-skinned princess is one of the few women whose beauty would make any full-blooded man drool. She is not an attention-seeker, but if you meet her at a social event, you will pause to appreciate her God-given endowments. Were there a beauty competition for people her age, this drop-dead beauty will certainly come tops. So many features, including her curvature, come-hither-look and shape, will qualify her for the diadem. Such is the power of her beauty, even as she clocks 60.

At her age, Ejindu still boasts glowing skin. It was all these rare qualities, in addition to her commanding dress sense, that usually make her the cynosure of eyes at any public event. So, whenever her birthday is approaching,  her family, friends and others who have benefitted from her large-heartedness and benevolence always see the day as another golden opportunity to celebrate her. The eulogies, no doubt, usually come in torrents.

It was  gathered that they often do this out of deep respect for the woman with the uncommon milk of kindness. Surprisingly, however, as she clocked 60 yesterday,  Saturday, May 21, 2022,  the woman did not see the day as significantly different from the others. She was grateful to the Creator for the gift of life. She celebrated the day with her families and close friends while she also used the opportunity to sing songs of praise to her Creator for the journey so far.

The philanthropist’s passion for empowering the African youth is demonstrated through the NGO she founded known as the “African Arts and Fashion Initiative”, with the mission to ignite the modern African generation in arts and fashion by driving youths into various fields of their desire through fundraisers, scholarships.

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City Businessman, Dele Phillips’ New Beautiful Dream




In the next few months, all roads will lead to Shores Hotel and Resort, perhaps Nigeria’s biggest and best tourism and hospitality resort.
Shores Hotel and Resort, is an 80 rooms resort just besides the Free Trade zone complex, Lekki, Lagos.
Sitting on four hectares of land, the five star resort will boast of Restaurants, gyms, artificial lakes, Olympic size swimming pool and a cinema.
The resort will be a classic all stop complex especially for the busy refinery and Free Trade zone workers as well as the numerous high end visitors who will be falling in to do business in the area.
Shores Hotel and resort Lekki, is a member of Deephill Investments, Shores Hotel, 9th Avenue Hotels, Phillips Property and Phillips Exchange in Dubai, promoted by city big boy, Dele Phillips.
 Phillips, holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Ado Ekiti University. He also obtained a Diploma in hospitality and property management from the United Kingdom.
An investor in various fields, he has over 15 years experience in marketing, hospitality and property management both in the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

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Fuel As Souvenirs: Erelu Okin Pearl Ogbulu Submits Self to Police For Investigation




After coming under fire for using jerrycans of fuel as souvenirs to her guests at her event last week held at Havillah Event Centre Oniru, Lagos, The Erelu Okin, Pearl Ogbulu have been remorseful over the incident claiming she only gave people the fuel outside before some over enthusiastic guest took the fuel into the Hall in excitement.


Since the video of the event went viral giving room for public outrage, the Lagos state government has reprimanded her by shutting the Havillah Event centre where the event was held. In other to show how remorseful taking responsibility for the whole event, she has today reported to the office of the Lagos commissioner Of Police for proper investigation.


Making this known via her verified Instagram handle, she posted that; “I have come again on bender knees to say I am sorry about the petrol souvenir


I have ‘reported’ myself to the police this afternoon to help with their investigation


My intent is to help on their investigation to the unfortunate incident.


I am thankful that my error in judgment has not caused damage and I plead with you all not throw the baby away with the dirty water

I am sorry and my intent was never to cause harm to anyone or abuse your sensibilities. Do not destroy me because of my unintentional error. I have come to regret my error

I intend to focus on safety and security and will put my energy on ensuring that my community works include safety and security

I want to use this opportunity to thank all my loved ones for their support. Your kind words have helped my mental health. I will remain focused and put effort to the community

Thank you

Erelu Okin Pearl C. Ogbulu”

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