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2023 Elections: NAN Vows To Support Foundation To Promote Peace Among Youths




The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), has promised to support Splendour Child Empowerment Foundation to propagate and promote peace among the children and youths, especially during the forthcoming 2023 presidential elections.

The Managing Director of NAN, Mr Buki Ponle made the pledge when the National Peace Ambassador of the foundation, Miss Splendour Joe-King, led a delegation to visit him on Thursday in Abuja.

Ponle said the agency would lend its voice to ensure politicians did not use children as tools to win elections at all cost, adding that it was time to give the right legacy for the Nigerian child.

He said NAN would support the foundation in realising a successful outing at the dinner that would bring stakeholders together to have a conversation on the safety of the Nigerian youths during the coming elections.

He said that children should not just be considered as future leaders but should be looked upon as leaders of today, thus, their rights should be well protected in the society.

“Let me give you our assurance and support to this programme. Without you asking for it, we are already there.

“The rights of children are very germane in my heart because when their rights are violated, the society is finished because children are our voices.

“We cherish children in Africa because we know that after we are gone, they will stand in for us to speak and to continue with what we have left behind; so we cannot afford to toy with children and their voices.

“So, as far as NAN is concerned, we are going to make it a resounding success on what you have embarked upon and even beyond that.

“And apart from assisting in ensuring peace, we will ensure that the book you have written has increased visibility. We are going to be part of the diner before, during and after.

“We will continue in our own little way to ensure that those who should know, be enlisted and be part of the campaign on the issues of the children,’’ he said.

Ponle therefore invited the foundation’s ambassador to NAN Forum, where issues concerning women and children would be discussed on a wider range.

He said the news of the forum would be disseminated within and outside the country at no cost to the foundation as part of the agency’s way of supporting the campaign of the foundation.

While commending the foundation for the work it was doing, Ponle enjoined youths to emulate the good work and urged the media to join hands to promote peace among the Nigerian youths.

Earlier, the National Peace Ambassador of Splendour Child Empowerment Foundation, sought the agency’s support and partnership in ensuring peace among Nigerian children.

Joe-King, who is the National Peace Ambassador, National Human Rights Commission and an author, commended the agency in its role in ensuring the right of women and children were safeguarded.

She said: “My journey started by writing a book on “The effects of terrorism on children’, which I wrote at the age of nine. I have been campaigning and educating, that children should be carried along in the fight against terrorism.

“ I have been educating children on the dangers and effect of terrorism because they are the grassroots solution to the fight against terrorism

“If you can get the minds of these children, I think we have succeeded in the fight against terrorism. Catching them young is extremely important to end the fight against terrorism.

“My sister and I started a mind-change project, where we resolved that for a person to be properly reformed, the reformation must start from the mind. And the mind-change project birthed the peace project.’’

According to Joe-King, peace is important in our country and we the Nigerian children are calling for peace because we are tired of the violent happening around us.

She explained that many children had died and some made orphans as a result of the recent happenings in the country which could be avoided.

“That is why we are speaking up because we want a Nigeria where we can move about freely and not be bothered about being killed or kidnaped.

“We are speaking about peace because of the 2023 elections coming up. Most youths would want to go into violence and we don’t want that.

“We want a society where we can all live freely. That is why through this peace campaign, we are going to organise a peace dinner.

“The peace dinner is majorly for our elders, those that have influence, especially we want the President and his wife to be there at that meeting because they are the ones that can get these youths to follow them and stop violence wherever they are.

“Because of these elections, we want to appeal to our elders that it is not a do or die affair to win elections; we should not make it an avenue to kill fellow Nigerians.

“We want to use that avenue to appeal to the heart of our elders, to let go of their grievances for the sake of the Nigerian children as there will be no place for us if the country is destroyed.

“So we are here to seek your support as a father, because we the children, we cannot do this alone.

“ I first of all, want to see if your organisation can also give us endorsement and partnership in most of the work which I want to do and also partner with us in the peace dinner, to see it is successful.’’

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”Your mentorship, humility, and resilience was exemplary” Oando Boss, Wale Tinubu Mourns Barkindo




The Group Chief Executive, Oando Plc, Jubril Adewale Tinubu, has mourned the death of H.E. Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, the Secretary General of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC.
Tinubu said Barkindo’s death has robbed him of a good friend.
He wrote: “We had many conversations and speeches together  yesterday but this wasn’t one of them.
“The most profound reminder of the fragility of life is death.
“You were a good man who lived a great life. Y
“I still can’t believe the news, but Allah knows best. Till we meet again my good friend.”
Barkindo died at about 11pm on Tuesday, 5th July 2022.
His death confirms the old saying of a thin line separating life from death. But once that line is crossed, the gulf created becomes as large as an ocean, and so treacherous that it’s impossible to cross back.
The sad incident of the death of H.E. Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo has again brought to the fore what difference a few hours coiuld make between life and death.
Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo was among other top and eminent personalities that delivered speeches at the ongoing 21st Nigeria’s Oil and Gas conference in Abuja . His speech earned him a standing ovation.
Unfortunately, the technocrat died of heart attack hours after he was honoured by President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa.
A former managing director of the NNPC,  Barkindo was appointed OPEC Secretary-General in 2016. He was the fourth Nigerian to hold that position and the 28th person in the role overall.
He was GMD of the NNPC between 2009 and 2010.
He was 63 years old.

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Oando,  LAMATA sign MoU on electric mass transit buse







Oando Clean Energy Limited has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (referred to as LAMATA), the Lagos State Government agency tasked with planning, implementing, regulating and franchising sustainable integrated public transport in Lagos.

The MoU establishes a partnership between OCEL and Lagos State in her journey to becoming a sustainable city via the rollout of electric mass transit buses, supporting charging infrastructure and service centres (EV Infrastructure Ecosystem).

The statement obtained from the NGX noted that with over 25 million residents, Lagos is the most populous city in Africa and among the top ten of the world’s fastest-growing megacities.


Speaking at the MoU signing ceremony, Commissioner for Transportation, Lagos State, Dr. Frederic Oladeinde said the MoU represented the State Government’s commitment to cutting greenhouse gases by replacing them with cleaner sources of energy.

Oladeinde said, “With an understanding that transportation is a key emitter of greenhouse gases in Nigeria, we developed a strategy to cut greenhouse gases by 50%. A key component of this strategy was identifying and developing a more robust mass transit system for Lagos that would include rail and waterways amongst others. Using electricity to power mass transit is a step in the right direction, and from there we would gradually transit to private cars.

“This is just the beginning, there is still a lot more to come on stream. I commend LAMATA and Oando on this MoU signing, and both parties can be rest assured that they have my full backing to ensure success,” he added.

Commenting on the MoU signing, the Managing Director, LAMATA, Engr. Abimbola Akinajo said: “We began this journey late last year, and for us, this has been a rapid development. It speaks to the energy and zeal of both organizations, and that is commendable. Oando Clean Energy came to us with a comprehensive solution that went beyond electric mass transit buses to include supporting infrastructure, and this was key for us, as the full remit of an EV support ecosystem is the only way to achieve success.

“This initiative will not only accelerate the Government’s transportation agenda, but also positively impact the health of Lagosians and the environment. The magnitude of its impact is far-reaching, and when you start to look at it as more than a transport initiative, you will see how laudable a project it is. The Oando brand comes with know-how and experience, and we are relying on this to successfully move from MoU signing to actual implementation that will in the medium to long term benefit over 22 million Lagos commuters. We look forward to a very robust and fruitful partnership.”

In his response, the Chairman, Oando Clean Energy, Adewale Tinubu, who was represented at the MoU signing by Dr. Ainojie ‘Alex’ Irune said: “Oando Clean Energy was born out of a need to curate the best energy mix to propel Nigeria and indeed Africa, to its full potential.

As a company, Oando has always championed Public-Private Partnerships as fundamental to Nigeria’s industrialization. Through the signing of this MoU, we are revolutionizing the landscape of mobility by pioneering e-mobility in Lagos. Furthermore, we remain dedicated to achieving our national commitment to net-zero by 2060, ending energy deficiencies and further propelling the country to an industrialized phase through decentralized and sustainable energy systems.

We are excited to be embarking on this journey with Lagos State and must commend their foresight and willingness to forge a template for others to follow. It’s easy to be perturbed by the perceived challenges that come with the mega-city status tag, but by taking this bold step, Lagos is showing the continent what is indeed possible and giving other cities the impetus to redefine today how to build a public transport system for the future.”


Over the last decade, the number of vehicles on Lagos roads has quadrupled, yet studies suggest that Lagos could become the world’s most populated city by 2100 with as many as 100 million residents; and as the city grows, so will the number of vehicles.

This upward trajectory in vehicle numbers poses a significant challenge as transportation has been identified as the key contributing sector at circa 23% to 30% in annual CO2 emissions.

Against this backdrop, the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between LAMATA and OCEL will enable the successful fulfilment of the objectives of the Lagos State Government through the deployment of an EV Infrastructure Ecosystem towards the attainment of a sustainable road transport system in the State.

Furthermore, this initiative will bridge the existing gap in available mass transit buses for the increasing number of Lagos commuters.

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Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, Wins Primary for Second term






The Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, has  emerged winner of the state governorship primary of the All Progressives Congress.

In the primary election conducted at the MKO International Stadium, Abeokuta, five other aspirants contested against the governor.

The aspirants include Olubiyi Otegbeye, Mrs Modele Sarafa- Yussuf, Mr Owodunni Opayemi, Remilekun Bakare and Abdukadir Akinlade.

Of the six aspirants, only Abiodun, attended the primary, while agents of all other aspirants, announced their presence and did what was expected of them.

Giving the details of the  election, that was conducted in a peaceful atmosphere,  the Chairman of the Ogun State  APC Primary Election  Committee, Chief Wale Ohu, disclosed that 1,180 delegates, from the 20 local governments, were accredited for the exercise.

Announcing the results, Ohu, said Abiodun scored 1,168 votes, while other aapirants, did not secure any vote, saying that two votes were voided.

Prior to the commencement of the process, Ohu, announced to the delegates and all the leaders of the party that attended the event, that all required agents, were present.

Ohu took time to read out names of the officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and other officials of the APC officials that were sent from the National Secretariat.

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